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Approved Environment, Inc. is an approved training provider in water and wastewater.

Practice Exams

Take a practice Exam online. Test yourself before taking your state exam.
Each of the Practice Exams is a multiple choice test (50 questions).
Complete the test and know your score instantly.

Along with the practice exam you will also be able to read and learn the secret of achieving top scores on the State Exam. In "The Best Plan To Pass the Certification Exam", we will provide you with a plan that many people followed before taking the test and they not only passed the test but they achieved top scores in the state exam.

The cost to take this test and have access to reading "The Best Plan To Pass the Certification Exam" is $10.00. You can pay for the test with your credit card or electronic check.

Tests Available

A-SO Exam $10 - Physical Treatment Solids and Oils
Class 1 & A Exam $10 - Beginners Municipal and Industrial
Class 2 Exam $10 - Intermediate Municipal
Class 3 & 4 Exam $10 - Advanced Municipal
Class B Industrial Exam $10 - Intermediate Industrial
Class C & D Industrial Exam $10 - Advanced Industrial
Laboratory Exam $10
Stabilization Ponds Exam $10
Activated Sludge Exam $10
Wastewater Mathematics Exam $10


Do you know the answers to these questions?

1. What gas is heavier than air, is not detectable at high concentration, and is flammable? From class IA Exam
2. What is the normal detention time in the conventional activated sludge aeration tank? From class IA Exam
3. What are the top three injuries in wastewater in order? From class 2 Exam
4. How can a toxic waste be discovered in a treatment plant? From Class 2 Exam
5. Why does some of the suspended material in wastewater fail to be removed by settling in 1 hour? From class 2 Exam
6. What flow velocity is typically sufficient to prevent sulfide build-up in sewer lines? From Class 3 & 4 Exam
7. What is the odor threshold concentration for hydrogen sulfide? From class 3 & 4 Exam
8. Percent removal of BOD in a clarifier is 35%, if 70 mg/L are removed, what is the influent BOD? From Wastewater Mathematics Exam
9. What is the geometric mean of 1 and 100? From Wastewater Mathematics Exam
10. What is the population equivalent of an industry that contributes 4165 lb of BOD per day to a plant? From Wastewater Mathematics Exam

Know the correct answers and review more questions. Click the button below to select the test you wish to take.



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