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Approved Environment, Inc. is a training provider in water and wastewater since 1998. We are committed to protecting the environment by offering the most comprehensive service to accomplish this goal. If you are serious about learning and understanding the art of water and wastewater treatment, you have come to the right place. Approved Environment provides professional instructions along with the practical up-to-date knowledge you need to remain certified in the environmental field. Our online courses provide text, diagrams and pictures to help you understand and learn everything you need to manage your treatment plant. Solutions at a click of your mouse. Before you buy, before you switch, LEARN.

Online Courses

Water and Wastewater Continuing Education Courses are approved in the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, South Carolina, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. (If your state is not listed please check with your state before taking any courses).

Wastewater Certification Review class the most popular and effective class to prepare for your state exam is now available online. Study in the convenience of your home or office and review topics directly related to exam questions.

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Membrane Technology W & WW

Reverse Osmosis                     Nano Filtration                     Ultrafiltration                     Microfiltration


ONLINE COURSE INDEX - Click on a title to see the course description. The cost for each course is $20.00.
Each course is approved for one TECHNICAL contact hour of continuing education.
W = Water, WW = Wastewater

Online Approved Water and Wastewater Continuing Education Courses: HOW IT WORKS

Activated Sludge I WW Activated Sludge II WW
Aerobic and Anaerobic Sludge Digestion WW Ammonia, pH and Chlorine W & WW
Air Stripping and Carbon Adsorption W & WW BOD, DO and COD W & WW
Biological Nitrogen Removal WW Biochemical Oxygen Demand Concept and Treatment W & WW
Chemistry I/Water Chemistry W & WW Chemistry II/The Periodic Table W & WW
Clarifiers Optimization W & WW Disinfection by Chlorine W & WW
Drinking Water Production W Filtration W & WW
Final Effluent I WW Final Effluent II WW
Laboratory Procedures For Plant Control WW Laboratory Terms, Equipment and Sampling W & WW
Maintenance I/Boiler Feed Water W & WW Maintenance II/Pumps W & WW
Membrane Technology W & WW Multiple Choice Questions WW
Odor Control W & WW Operation and Control of a Wastewater Treatment Plant WW
Ozone Disinfection W & WW Parasites and Pathogens W & WW
Primary Treatment W & WW Industrial Waste Treatment I WW
Industrial Waste Treatment II WW Removing Metals from Wastewater WW
Safety W & WW Settleability and Loss of Solids W & WW
Sludge Stabilization Versus Sludge Conditioning WW Solids Dewatering WW
Solids Handling Alternatives/Centrifugation WW The Microlife W & WW
Trickling Filters and RBCs WW UV Disinfection W & WW
Wastewater Mathematics I WW Wastewater Mathematics II WW
Wastewater Preliminary Treatment WW
$65.00 plus S&H
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Customer feed back: I just wanted you to know that your Wastewater Certification Guide is fantastic. I've ordered 3 different guides and yours is the best by far. I have no doubt that it will be my most valuable resource in preparing for my upcoming exam. Thanks, also for the pump info. I'll be recommending your study guide to those I meet in a class here in Washington the end of September. Keep up the good work!!

Thank you for the follow up. Your training was top notch, your website is top notch and your support is the best I've ever experienced. Thanks again, J.A.

ONLINE PRACTICE CERTIFICATION EXAM - Test yourself before taking your state exam. Take a multiple choice practice test and know your results instantly. You will also be able to read and learn from "The Best Plan To Pass the Certification Exam." The cost to take the on-line exams and have access to the article is $10.00.

We have multiple payment options available credit card payment, check or purchase order. Corporate accounts welcome. Businesses and corporations, please, contact us to set up an account.

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