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We combined the best of our online courses in packages that include all the classroom outlines. If you study to pass a state exam or need continuing education credit to renew your license our online packages will meet your needs.

You can register online. If you have questions or need to register by phone, please call 1-877-241-9858.

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Wastewater Certification Review Textbook

The Wastewater Certification Review textbook is an excellent guide for wastewater certification. Each year many students who study from this book not only pass the State exam but also have achieved top scores in Indiana in different levels and classifications. The book contains municipal, industrial, laboratory, safety, and technical topics that are directly related to the test. Included in the book are 700 multiple-choice questions with answers and a final exam. The purpose of these questions is to help the students practice and test themselves before taking the exam. The cost of the book is $65.00 plus $10.00 S&H. The book can be purchased online during registration.


Review topics directly related to the exam questions. Topics discussed include: Screening, grit removal, pre-aeration, primary clarifier design and troubleshooting, trickling filters and RBCs, activated sludge process and troubleshooting. Package plants and oxidation ditches, advanced waste treatment, filtration, nitrogen and phosphorous removal, effluent disinfection, chlorination and ultra violet irradiation, laboratory tests and troubleshooting.


Practice solving wastewater treatment plant arithmetic problems. Typical wastewater plant problems such as flows, grit channels, sedimentation tanks and clarifiers, trickling filters, activated sludge, chlorination, chemical doses, and design problems. Learn how to use basic conversion factors and formulas to solve these problems.


Management of industrial wastes comes first before treatment. Successful treatment depends on managing the waste properly. Topics Include: Industrial Discharge Characteristics, Industrial Waste Prevention and Reduction, Use of Water by Industry, Water Reuse, Waste Segregation, Metals Treatment, Cyanide Destruction, Neutralization and Precipitations, Coagulant and Polymers use.


This class provides critical and important instructions and tips on how to perform laboratory analysis on wastewater and develop a laboratory Quality Assurance Plan that will generate sound scientific laboratory data. Topics include: Quality control measures, equipment maintenance and calibration, grade A water, solutions and reagents, sampling, preservation of samples and wastewater analysis procedures.


This session addresses several critical components of the activated sludge process. Floc Formation reviews the types of floc particles and the changes that affect floc formation. Topics include: Microbiology of activated sludge. Toxicity by heavy metals. Removing nitrogen in activated sludge systems. Nitrification and denitrification review the causes and control of these biological processes. Introduction to bioaugmentation reviews the concepts and costs associated with the addition of bacteria to the treatment process.


The sessions included will address the following areas: Why the concentration of solids in the discharge are regulated. The methods used to remove solids from secondary effluents. Stay up-to-date with new technology such as membrane filtration and learn the different applications of Ultra-filtration, Nano-filtration and Reverse Osmosis. Solids Dewatering equipment and how to improve the quality of the effluent by chemical Treatment.


Disinfection is the destruction of pathogenic bacteria and the ultimate measure of effectiveness is the bacteriological results. Learn how chlorine is used to disinfect wastewater. Chlorine byproducts and their dangers. Learn how Ultraviolet (UV) Irradiation is used in disinfection. Chlorine versus UV. Learn about Ozone applications in water and wastewater. Learn how laboratory results are used to measure the disinfection effectiveness.


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